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You probably belong to the group of people who love to create. Creating new spaces and objects is a way for you to express your personality. Note that repairing damaged furniture is also an art form. However, for a painter, canvases are only half of the necessary accessories - he also needs a paintbrush, so by analogy, since you plan to be creative, get the right equipment - a drill or a screwdriver. Or maybe both?

Drills and screwdrivers for many tasks

Hanging a painting, assembling a chest of drawers, attaching a seat stocked with beautiful fabric to the frame of an armchair or other renovation and finishing tasks require the use of the best equipment. The drills and screwdrivers available in our store are indispensable helpers in such activities.

Mains or battery power

The equipment in question is always there where you need it; using it is possible in stationary mode, as well as anywhere. Construction site, home retreat, carpentry shop, workshop.... Choose a traditional mains-powered one or a cordless one that hides its potential in a capacious battery.

Screwdriver or drill?

What to choose - a screwdriver or a drill? Well... Each of these equipment is designed to perform a different function. A screwdriver is used to place screws in pre-prepared holes. It provides a solid screw, but the condition is to use solid screws precisely and to drill a consistent and appropriately sized hole. This is where a drill comes in handy. However, remember the alternative, which is a drill/driver.

Sturdy construction of the drill

The sturdy construction ensures that even an accidental fall to the ground will not cause it to crack or fall apart. The plastic is also resistant to various working conditions and factors that may occur: rain, dust, grease. Inside is a perfectly developed mechanism, which is capable even of long-term operation. It works faultlessly and can serve for years.

Drills and screwdrivers in the store Kameleon.pro

We invite you to purchase screwdrivers and drills from proven manufacturers and, of course, not inferior quality accessories (screws, bolts, nuts, etc.). Please remember that proven equipment must perfectly perform the commissioned task, but perform it in a way that does not endanger health and life. Therefore, when deciding on a purchase, it is advisable to choose a product from a proven distributor Kameleon.pro.

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