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Kameleon Pro online store is the place where you will find a wide selection of fabrics ideal for home and outdoor furniture, among other things. In the assortment we have high-quality upholstery fabrics in the color of bottle green with various properties. We offer bottled green fabric in a wide range of shades. Be sure to check out what else we have prepared for you!

Bottle green subway materials - different types

Eco leather, plush, velour, chenille, or maybe plaid? In our wholesaler you will find many types of bottled green fabric, which will be excellent not only for home furniture, but also for those intended for the garden or terrace. Our customers can choose from many more or less intense shades. The choice is up to you!

How to choose the ideal fabric? You can be guided, of course, by the color of the fabric, but it is worth considering other criteria - one of them is the purpose. If you have any questions or problems with your choice, be sure to contact our customer service department. We also offer fabric samples that you can order to see how they look in person.

Learn all the characteristics of our bottled green fabrics>.

Are you looking for a bottled green color fabric that will be suitable for the outdoors? How about one that will be pet friendly? Do you want to renew your dining room furniture and need a fabric that is stain resistant and easy to clean? That's great, because in our offer you are waiting for proposals that are sure to meet even the most exorbitant expectations!

Bottle green fabrics presented on the site are materials with extended durability and high resistance to abrasion and fading. Among them you will find stain- and water-resistant materials, suitable for allergy sufferers, made of natural fibers, and even flame retardant.

Rich offer dedicated to hobbyists and enthusiasts

Bottle green fabrics are only a small part of the offered assortment. In the Kameleon Pro store you will also find fabrics in other colors - from delicate pastels, through shades of blue, to intense pinks or purples.

A large part of the available assortment are also fabrics with patterns - here the palette of possibilities is also extremely wide and includes classic prints and those inspired by the latest trends. Check out also curtain fabrics bottled green.

Also check out fabrics available in other colors:

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