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They are needed for roofing and carpentry work, as well as manufacturing, restoration and repair of furniture. Joints are an important connecting element between several elements. They are designed to provide tight and stable connections, without the risk of shifting or deformation. For this reason, they must be perfectly matched to the project being carried out - both in shape and size.

For some structures, especially roof trusses, which are formed by rafters, columns, ties and others, additional reinforcements may be needed. For this purpose, joints are additionally secured with screws, brackets or nails. They have their use especially in the case of wooden elements.

Characteristics and applications of connectors

Various types of carpentry connectors are available in our store, which the investor can allocate to many projects, including upholstery tasks. Are you restoring old furniture? Are you repairing those that have become loose or broken as a result of daily use? Or are you creating new seats from scratch? You will need sturdy carpentry connectors in various versions. Among other things, there are vertical and horizontal longitudinal connectors, transverse connectors for installation at right angles or oblique angles, and those designed for installation of elements over the entire surface.

Our range of carpentry connectors

In our offer you will find a wide selection of carpentry connectors in many variants to choose from. We present metal mounting angles in several sizes, as well as narrow and wide angles (some with adjustable options). The assortment also includes perforated plates and flat connectors.

Each product is described in detail. Having familiarized yourself with its specifications and technical parameters, you can easily choose the item that will work best for your project. Whether you are making a roof structure or producing leisure furniture. Solid joints of wooden elements - boards, rafters, frames - are the basis for obtaining a product with very good performance.

Is stability a priority? Or maybe resistance to heavy loads? Our carpentry joints will do the job, guaranteeing you not only a spectacular end result of the work, but also ease of installation.

Upholstery elements online

Enjoy convenient online shopping in our store. Chameleon is a large selection of upholstery elements, but also other structural parts that are connectors for wooden structures. Made of high quality metal, they do not lose color or rust - they retain their properties for a very long time.

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