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In the production of upholstered furniture, every detail, even the smallest, counts. Whether a piece of furniture will be comfortable depends not only on the construction, type of filling or upholstery fabric, but also on the mechanisms used that allow you to unfold the furniture for sleeping or adjust the backrest. That's why we have made sure to include lifts and automats in our offer to increase the functionality of lounge furniture.

What are lifters and automats used for?

Nowadays upholstered furniture performs many functions. Often they are both living room furnishings and a place to sleep for household members or guests. Therefore, they are equipped with the function of unfolding individual parts or adjusting the height of the backrest. To be comfortable for those using the furniture, unfolding should not be difficult or tiring. And that's why lifters and automats are used, the purpose of which is to facilitate the proper positioning of the furniture. They are installed primarily in sofas, couches and corners.

What should be the characteristics of lifts?

In order for mechanisms such as lifters and automatics to perform their function, they must first of all be characterized by a perfect fit of the individual components. There must be no friction that would require the user to use force or tugging. It is also very important that the parts have safety features that prevent the furniture backrest from unfolding on its own. In addition, they should be protected against the formation of corrosion, which ensures their long life.

Our range of lifts and automats

Being well aware of the fact that the needs of our customers and the furniture they make can differ significantly, we have made sure that our range includes a wide selection of lifts, mechanisms and automats for upholstered furniture in many variants, shapes and sizes. This allows each of our customers to find a solution that will fully meet their needs and allow them to create a functional piece of furniture. All the lifters and automats we offer are made of the highest quality metals, so they work efficiently and have a long service life. What's more, we also took care of affordable, low prices that will positively surprise you and will not strain your budget.

We cordially invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer of lifts and automatic mechanisms for upholstered furniture. We will also be happy to answer all your questions and help you choose the right accessories. Betting on our offer, you choose the highest quality at an affordable price.

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