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The upholstery industry could not exist without small, yet practical accessories. Velcro available from us is among such components of studio equipment. Quick connection of various elements requiring frequent assembly and disassembly, or simply replacement (due to, for example, intensive use and wear) can not do without solid and durable upholstery Velcro. They allow a great deal of freedom when joining together - for example - furniture and its coverings in different styles and colors.

Haberdashery and upholstery Velcro

A wide selection of models - tapes, haberdashery Velcro or sew-in Velcro - gives us a wide spectrum of applications in many fields. Thus, the good old velcro can be found, among other things, in the production of marketing materials, billboards, point of sale, as well as in the production of clothing and in the health sector. It is indispensable when we simply want to securely attach a cover to our living room sofa. This is, of course, one of many examples. So if you are interested in high-quality upholstery accessories - do not hesitate to contact us.

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