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Proper protection of furniture is essential. In this regard, their stability is extremely important. Sometimes furniture legs are not quite evenly made or are already somewhat damaged. But not only then it is worth betting on felt pads. This is also a way to protect the floor from damage and scratching. Therefore, the choice of this product is more important than you may think.

How to use felt pads

By using the right furniture pads, you can prevent the structure from wobbling, for example, if the floor in the room is uneven, but practical furniture pads also allow you to protect, for example, floor panels from scratches caused by moving a piece of furniture such as a table or cabinet. This means that you need to choose the pads thoughtfully and carefully matching them to the furniture you want to pad.

The accessories we offer will also work well if you want to protect the floor from dents from heavy equipment. This is extremely important, not only where we are dealing with floating flooring, such as the aforementioned panels, but also with wood flooring and many other substrates that are prone to scratching. Floor protection pads are therefore an indispensable piece of equipment for many furniture and appliances.

Felt pads for furniture

The practical felt pads for furniture we offer are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes. Depending on your needs, we offer round, square or rectangular pieces in different color varieties. We make sure that their size and type match different furniture. That's why there are plenty of different pad formats in our assortment, which means that our customers can choose the right size and shape for the furniture or equipment they have.

The considerable advantages of the offered felt pads are that they can be quickly glued to the leg of a piece of furniture or its underside, as well as the hassle-free replacement of a worn pad with a new one. These products cheap and easy way to protect wood, panels or tiles at home and beyond. Before sticking, all you need to do is degrease and clean the place where you stick the pad. In the case of furniture, it is a good idea to lightly sand it. However, the whole process is very easy and quick, and replacing with new ones does not damage the material to which you have glued our product.

Choose the pads you want

There is no doubt that in the case of furniture pads you need to talk about different types and sizes. In our store you will find pads of different widths and lengths. They also have very different shapes, as there are primarily circles and squares, but you will also find coasters in other shapes, such as triangles, and on top of that it's also a square coaster with a side of a few centimeters, from which everyone can independently cut out such a coaster as they happen to need at the moment. This gives you more freedom of action when choosing our products.

It's also worth remembering that our store cooperates only with good manufacturers, so the brands of felt pads in our store are proven and reliable - it's quality, good, durable glue, which, however, does not cause permanent damage, or a variety of sizes and shapes, so you can fit the product perfectly to the furniture or surface you want to pad.

Choose the best solutions

Feel free to search through the entire assortment to find a furniture felt pad that will fit your furniture much better. Look for other furniture accessories as well and furnish your home with the best, proven products.

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