Abrasive articles

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In the presented category of our products you will find high-quality abrasive articles in the form of discs, cubes, wire brushes, rust brushes, as well as grids for plaster. These products are characterized by high durability, so they can serve for a long time. The offered abrasive articles are also characterized by great ease and ergonomics of use. We especially recommend durable abrasive brushes made of solid wood, with a contoured handle and a hole for hanging. These products are available in three variants - 3,4 or 5 rows.

Abrasive cubes

Among the proposed products of our store you will also find professional abrasive blocks of different gradations. These blocks have 4 abrasive surfaces of different sizes. Thanks to their extraordinary flexibility and ability to work wet and dry, they are ideal for many activities in the home workshop. The offered abrasive blocks are perfect for dulling situations or when preparing irregular and concave surfaces of different shapes.

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