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This category includes compressors. They were made using the latest technologies and proven materials. The reliability of the products is based on tried-and-true designs, which used the experience and knowledge of specialists.

Professional compressors that help during work

Compressors, also known as compressors, are devices that help at work in both professional workshops, service outlets and at home. With their help, you can get air at high pressure. The most common range of pressure closes in the range from 6 to 10. Compressors can help when, for example, inflating tires, painting, cleaning and driving pneumatic tools. In the category of compressors you will find devices of different sizes. This will help you match the type of product to your requirements.

Oil and oil-free compressors

In this category you will find oil and oil-free compressors. In the first case, the mechanism of the device uses oil so as to keep the pistons in proper condition and avoid overworking. They are also characterized by greater weight and size compared to oil-free compressors. They have the advantage of high efficiency, as well as ease of replacing individual components and making repairs. Oil-free models also have pistons, but the level of friction is much lower. For the same reason, they do not require additional oil lubrication. They will perform well during less intensive work, for example, in a dental office or in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry.

Proven manufacturers of compressors

Among the manufacturers you can find brands such as Tagred and Senco. The first company is a Polish supplier that enjoys recognition and reputation. It mainly specializes in manufacturing power tools, generators, compressors, as well as pumps and other products. Senco is a leader in the global market. Its articles can be found in homes, as well as workshops and large factories. The products of both manufacturers are characterized by reliability and durability.

Order a compressor from the store

All compressors that are in this category have been selected with great care. The assortment tailored to the current requirements of customers was taken care of by the team of specialists at Thanks to their experience and knowledge, you can count on the high quality of the products purchased and the service of your order.

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