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The wide range of upholstery fabrics at Kameleon.pro may not make it easy to make a decision, so we offer customers fabric samples that will allow them to choose a product that meets their needs and expectations regarding its color, texture and thickness. Smooth fabric samples available in the online store are 8x8 cm, while samples with a pattern are 20x20 cm. Each sample can be purchased separately.

Samples of sewing materials - a rich offer

Samplesof sewing fabrics are the ideal solution for customers who can not decide on a specific fabric to fit a project. Fabric and knitwear samples from Kameleon.pro can inspire you to create unique decorative accessories and stylish furniture upholstery. The store offers many types of materials by the meter, including knitted fabrics, woven fabrics, plush, velour, eco leather, chenille. Each of them is a high-quality product with many practical and aesthetic advantages.

Samples of upholstery materials with many properties

In the assortment of the online store there are materials of many grades characterized by a variety of properties, which does not make it easy to choose the right one. Therefore, it is worth using samples of upholstery fabrics to facilitate the purchase and compare several fabrics at the same time. Kameleon.pro offers upholstery fabrics that impress with their appearance and durability, so that any piece of furniture upholstered with them will be resistant to dirt, and moreover, will look great for years.

Upholstery fabric samples - help in product selection

The Kameleon.pro store offers samples of upholstery fabrics, which can be ordered at an attractive price. This is sensational for those who work professionally in the upholstery industry, because samples of materials and fabrics will help to bring the product range closer to the customers. This allows you to choose a fabric that meets all your expectations and place an order that will be completed in a timely manner. Available samples of up holstery fabrics make it easier to make a purchase, as they reflect the color and texture of the product. This will significantly facilitate the selection of the ideal fabric for upholstering armchairs, chairs, sofas or corners.

Quality materials and fabrics

Almost any piece of furniture can be refurbished with new upholstery. Kameleon.pro offers fabric samples in a variety of colors and patterns. This is perfect for customers who want to find a fabric that meets their requirements. The online store offers a variety of fabric grades in different weights, which will be ideal for creating curtains, bedspreads, pillowcases, as well as upholstery for sofas, armchairs and more. Samples are created to meet the individual needs of each customer looking for high-quality material for a dream project.


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