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Upholstering furniture is now an appreciated way of creating furniture, both by professional companies and private individuals. The idea is to create practical yet unique pieces of interior design. To embark on the task of upholstering, it is not enough to have beautiful fabrics, although their quality is indeed crucial to creating high-quality furniture. You also need to stock up on accessories to help you make upholstered furniture. In addition to various types of metal and plastic details, there are also those made of fabric.

Upholstery ribbons at Kameleon.pro

They are used for lining up upholstered elements, reinforcing the strength of the sewing, but they can also serve as trimmings or a decorative element. They are made of cotton yarn, smoothly woven. This causes them to be extremely pleasant to the touch, as well as durable. They are offered on a roll, making it easy to dispense the needed length. Various types are available by criteria:

- Color: white and black

- Width: 10 mm, 15 mm, 20 mm, 25 mm, 30 mm

- Length: 200 mb, 400 mb, 500 mb, 700 mb

Two-sided upholstery quilts

These are ribbons for quilting, having plastic ends on both sides. Accompanied by quilting pads, they help to precisely locate buttons in upholstered furniture. They not only allow you to place them, but also make them situated permanently, without the possibility of movement or deformation. They are available in packs of 1000 pieces. There are different types by:

- Ribbon length: 30 mm, 50 mm, 80 mm, 100 mm

Elements made of fabric for upholstering furniture are not details that play the first fiddle in their appearance. However, they significantly affect the final effect, both visually and functionally. They determine the durability of the upholstered, quilted finishes of the furnishings.

Durable ribbons from our offer

The offered ribbons are used in companies specializing in this type of implementation, but also in private use. Of course, in the latter case it is necessary to have some specific tools and skills, which, however, can be acquired. More and more private individuals are choosing to create furniture themselves or refurbish old ones. This is not only about the zero waste principle, according to which one strives to refrain from throwing away used furniture and giving it a second life. It is also important that with the help of upholstery and quilting accessories you can create unique pieces of home furnishings, different from those available in chain stores. At the same time, you can fulfill yourself creatively, and in the case of furniture, nothing pleases you more than the end result of your own work.

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