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In our assortment you will find professional protective work clothing for carpenters and upholsterers. We offer high-quality products that guarantee the highest level of safety. Perfectly tailored clothes with ergonomic design allow unrestricted movement during work, while providing thermal comfort and adequate protection. You will find outfits for upholstery and carpentry work made of the best materials, using the latest material engineering technologies. They protect the body from mechanical damage that threatens when working with saws and sanders, as well as upholstery machines. They meet stringent quality requirements and occupational health and safety standards, while maintaining their properties and great appearance after many washings.

Professional workwear for carpenters and upholsterers

Ordinary sweatshirts or shirts will not protect us from injuries, finger cuts or dangerous cuts to the skin, nor from the impact of a bouncing, rushing part from a workshop machine. Often, too, despite air conditioning, a considerable amount of heat is generated, which makes it really hot inside the carpentry or upholstery workshop. Working in short sleeves, however, poses a great danger. Our professional workwear for carpenters and upholsterers allows you to solve the aforementioned problems, on the one hand combining protective functions, on the other hand providing adequate thermal comfort and ergonomics, and at the same time guaranteeing good looks.

Protective clothing for carpentry and upholstery workshop

Accidents at work are very dangerous phenomena. They result not only from inadequate personal protection and carelessness on the part of workers, but also from improperly selected clothing that is comfortable but unergonomic and ill-fitting in the context of the activities performed. Sleeves and legs that are too long can snag on the mechanisms of the machine working in the workshop, which can result in a direct threat to health or even life. To avoid such situations, it is worth taking an interest in our specialized protective clothing for upholsterers and carpenters.

Clothing for upholsterers and carpenters - safety at a low price

Dirt, contact with grease and varnish, as well as unpleasant odors, usually result in the use of variable work clothes during the execution of projects in upholstery and carpentry workshops. It's worth selecting it in the right way so that it also plays a protective role. If you are looking for effective solutions to directly protect your employees, take interest in our offer of health and safety clothing for carpenters and upholsterers. We guarantee high quality and professional support of our specialists in the appropriate selection.

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