Nonwovens, felts, fillings

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Our wide assortment includes high-quality fluffy and flat nonwoven fabrics, which can successfully serve as filling for mattresses and seats. These products are available in different color variants (gray, black, white, beige), with different weights and textures. The material from which they are made is characterized by high strength, resistance to tearing and stretching, as well as good air permeability. Some nonwoven fabrics can be successfully used to upholster invisible parts of furniture.

Upholstery fillings

We offer our customers professional upholstery fillings. With us you can find both foam fillings and the commonly used silicone ball, which is used to fill toys, sleeping bags, furniture or pillows. In addition, it can be used as decorative artificial snow. Its wide application is due to the numerous advantages it has. It is, very durable and extremely resistant to tearing, bending or to deformation and abrasion. High-quality coconut mats and felts are also available to our customers.


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