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CRUSH VELVET 35 fabric
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Printed fabrics
CRUSH VELVET 39 fabric
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Beige is a timeless and versatile color that suits many interiors. It is subdued and works well with many other colors, for example, brown or black. At Kameleon Pro we have prepared for you beige velour upholstery. These are materials that stand out not only for their exceptional beauty, but also for their excellent quality. So you are sure that the beige velour upholstery fabric will maintain its aesthetic appearance for a long time. Check out what materials in this timeless shade we have prepared for you.

Beige velour upholstery fabric - to which interiors does it fit?

Beige velour upholstery fabric will be perfect for interiors decorated in a classic way. It will perfectly blend with wooden furnishings, the use of which is characteristic of classical interiors. Beige velour upholstery fabrics are also a great solution for an elegant arrangement, where there is no shortage of shiny surfaces. Beige is a warm color that will find use in many rooms. You will use it both in the bedroom and the living room. Using velour, you can finish a footstool or an armchair. The material will also work well for pillows.

Upholstery velour in beige color - what distinguishes it?

In our online store you will find beige velour upholstery fabrics that delight not only in appearance, but also in high quality. We offer materials distinguished by excellent abrasion resistance - they have passed even 60000 cycles in the Martindale test. Beige upholstery velour is also characterized by easy cleaning. We offer materials whose surface does not absorb wet dirt so easily. Instant reaction to the resulting dirt will allow you to remove it very easily. The fabrics available in our offer can be washed - but pay attention to the permissible temperature, so that the material retains an impeccable appearance.

Beige velour upholstery - discover the other advantages of the material

You can opt for beige velour upholstery, which is pet-friendly. Such material is characterized by increased resistance to scratches or pulls. So you do not have to worry that a cat or dog will lead to the destruction of the furniture. We offer products with Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certificate, which confirms that beige velour upholstery does not contain substances that could negatively affect your health. The materials available in our offer are also characterized by resistance to mossing.

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