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Quilted velour is a choice for giving new life to furniture and accessories. It is a material that has a wide range of applications in the furniture industry. More and more people - not only professional upholsterers, but also amateurs - are reaching for this fabric. In addition to its exceptional softness, it is also distinguished by its durability. The assortment of our online store Kameleon Pro includes a wide selection of fabrics. One of our many proposals are quilted velour fabrics. A wide range of colors and a variety of textures will allow you to choose a fabric that will meet your expectations 100%. You are cordially invited!

Quilted velour and its properties

Quilted vel our fabrics are elegant and delicate to the touch. At the same time, they are very durable and resistant to abrasion. This is a type of fabric that is perfect for upholstering furniture. Thanks to it, it is possible to change the interior design in a very easy way, without spending a lot of money. Quilted upholstery velour also looks great on headrests. As you can already see, the possibilities of using this fabric are very many.

The offer of the online store Kameleon Pro includes a wide selection of fabrics, such as quilted upholstery vel our. We are sure that any person who is engaged in making, or giving new life to furniture, will easily choose a fabric that will appeal to him.

Quilted velour - one of the most fashionable fabrics!

Quilted vel our is one of the most fashionable fabrics, which are intended for upholstering furniture and creating various decorative elements. It is distinguished by its striking appearance and unparalleled softness. For this reason, more and more upholsterers are reaching for this type of fabric. What else distinguishes quilted upholstered velour? The fact that it does not mend or lose threads. This feature makes for a very long service life.

Kameleon Pro is an online store offering high-quality velour fabrics and tools for upholstering furniture. Among the many proposals, quilted velour upholstery fabric deserves a special mention here. It comes in a wide range of colors. These can be subdued colors - gray, ecru, as well as expressive, such as orange. We invite you to get acquainted with our offer, which is constantly expanded and diversified with new fabrics and accessories!

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