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Quilted upholstered furniture looks extremely impressive and is timeless - it never goes out of style. So it's no wonder that furniture manufacturers and restorers are looking for accessories that will allow them to perform striking quilting.

One of the indispensable elements for this type of work is upholstery metal buttons. Therefore, we have made sure that they are not missing from our offer. We produce the metal buttons ourselves, so our customers can be sure that they are choosing a top-quality product that is sure to meet their expectations.

What are upholstery buttons and how are they used?

Upholstery buttons are nothing more than accessories that are used in the process of quilting upholstered furniture. They are used, for example, when quilting sofas, armchairs, backrests and headrests. Thanks to them, it is possible to achieve a spectacular effect in a quick and easy way. These buttons are also used to decorate furniture upholstery in ways other than quilting. Their installation is simple and requires only the connection of two or three elements.

Why metal buttons?

Wanting to use upholstery buttons for quilting furniture, you can bet on decorative buttons or those that are made of metal. Why choose the second type? First of all, because of the price. They are much cheaper, which is an incredible advantage when you want to buy more pieces of products. In addition, upholstery buttons give more possibilities - you can cover them with any material, so they match the furniture and form a coherent, elegant-looking whole with it.

Our offer of metal upholstery buttons

We know that your designs are original and require the use of products of excellent quality, distinguished by an interesting design. That's why we made sure that our range of metal buttons is wide and varied. We offer metal buttons with a diameter of 17 and 22 mm. In our assortment you will find both buttons for self-covering and those that are already covered with material - which will save you time. All buttons are distinguished by the high quality of the materials used, careful finishing and elegant appearance.

You are cordially invited to familiarize yourself with our offer of upholstery buttons and to contact Chameleon consultants. We will be happy to prepare buttons in the color of your choice. Betting on our offer, you choose the highest quality upholstery buttons and affordable, low prices, thanks to which you can save a lot. Many satisfied customers who regularly use our offer have already been convinced of this.

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