SET of 20 pcs. TAPERED BUTTONS diameter 17 mm KM4560

SET of 20 pcs. TAPERED BUTTONS diameter 17 mm KM4560

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Zestaw 20 szt. guzików oblekanych dowolnie wybrana tkaniną.
Dodaj produkt do koszyka i w uwagach do zamówienia podaj nazwę wybranej tkaniny.
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zł19.80 / OPAK
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How does the production of upholstered buttons look like?

Upholstered buttons with a diameter of 17 mm are made using a special button press. Cut circular pieces of fabric from the selected fabric, then one of the button elements to the lower part of the crimper in the press, and in the other we place our selected fabric, and on it the remaining part of the button. We put the whole crimper on ourselves by inserting the excess material into the inner part of the button. All that remains is to tighten the whole thing and enjoy the finished product.

SET OF 20 BUTTONS COVERED IN ANY CHOICE OF FABRIC - Add the product to the shopping cart and in the notes to the order, specify the name of the fabric you choose

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