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Choosing the right material to upholster furniture or decorations can be really difficult. We realize that the rich assortment of our store can be a source of inspiration, but also a problem - what to decide on? Of course, if you run an upholstery shop or are involved in the production of lounge furniture, you can choose a lot of fabrics and then delight your customers with a large selection. However, if you are looking for that one and only product, don't order blindly. Your intuition is probably reliable, but it's worth testing your chosen fabric in its target environment. That's why we have created printed fabric pattern sets.

These are aesthetically packaged pieces of fabrics that are available in our offer. They come from the most popular collections and for a small fee they can also be in your possession. It is worth deciding to buy samplers so that you can touch them live, apply them to the wall or furniture and thus match the ideal pattern and color.

Why should you order fabric swatches?

Before you decide to completely change the image of your old couch by upholstering it with a new fabric, you want to visualize what effect you will get. This is normal, but for many people very difficult! If you do not want to be guided only by a hunch or make impulsive decisions under the influence of momentary admiration, first order fabric pattern books. This is a set consisting of several pieces of fabrics - you decide for yourself what will be included! Birds of paradise? Leaves and flowers? Or maybe symmetrical stripes or ornaments? We will connect several patches together, using an aesthetic back. This will allow you to compare them not only with the current interior design, but also among themselves.

Patterns in our offer

To meet the needs of upholsterers and individuals, we have prepared a category with pattern books. Among them you will find sets in various configurations to choose from. You decide yourself how many and what fabrics will be in them. We will complete them for you, choosing for this purpose patches of 36x27 cm - aesthetically joined with a back.

Thanks to the printed fabric pattern books, your online shopping is sure to be successful, and you will get the opportunity to test the selected fabrics by touching them, looking at them, applying them to your furniture and walls. Once you decide which fabrics will look best in your interiors order them quickly and conveniently from the online store.

Fabric patterns online

We also offer ready-made printed fabric pattern books, which include fabrics from the Hampton, Art deco, Rustic, Orient, Nature and Baby collections. These are inspiring combinations, among which you will find patches with style and workmanship that match your expectations.

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