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A hand sander should, above all, ensure safe operation. Our offer includes only modern models of equipment suitable for use in any upholstery or carpentry workshop. The proposed products are characterized, among other things, by ergonomic handles covered with rubber, which provide a firm grip for the operator. The devices also offer high working power so that even difficult surfaces can be effectively sanded.

Angle grinders for the upholsterer

The handheld angle grinders we offer are the ideal solution for any upholsterer. The compactness of these devices allows you to get even into hard-to-reach places, so you can precisely clean the entire surface. In addition to classic models of angle grinders, we also offer orbital grinders with a speed of 12,000 rpm and power of 230W. These devices have new-generation, overload-resistant motors, as well as a quick-change paper (Velcro) system.

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