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CRUSH VELVET fabric 36
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Due to the Christmas break, lead times for printed fabrics for rollers, long-form coupons, and individual orders CHANGE! Orders placed by December 9 have a guaranteed delivery time before Christmas. Short-length prints will be realized within the availability of goods.

White velour is an extremely elegant version of upholstery fabrics. The fabric itself is very resistant to any kind of abrasion. Its strong weave, characteristic texture resembling peach skin to the touch, delicate sheen and velvety softness make it one of the most popular upholstery fabrics among interior designers. Furniture made with its participation are true works of art full of class and timeless elegance. The white color, which dominates current arrangements, brings out even more beauty in this material. If you want to create a space full of sophisticated style, we recommend white velour, which is available in our online store.

White velour fabric - ideal for various arrangements

Whitevelour fabric is an excellent choice for anyone who appreciates spacious rooms filled with bright colors. White has always been associated with purity, harmony and freshness. Velour fabric, on the other hand, gives the impression of exclusivity combined with the warmth of home. In our online store you will find velour white. This proposal is aimed at those who want to give lightness and coziness to the interior. White velour fabric is created to achieve just this type of effect. In addition, it is effortless to remove dirt, but white velour fabric, due to its color, is not recommended for homes where small children or pets live. In order to make an informed decision and at the same time not regret your final choice, we encourage you to take advantage of our offer, in which you will find samples of all fabrics available in this online store.

White velour by meters - with us you buy as much as you need

Quality customer service and customer satisfaction are extremely important to us. So is the environment. That's why when you shop in our online store, you order any type of fabric, including white velour, by size. Such an option is, first of all, money saving. In addition, thanks to this solution, together we will take care of the planet, because your studio will not generate unnecessary waste or reduce it to an absolute minimum. When buying white velour by meter, remember to carefully calculate the meterage of the material you need, taking into account the necessary stock. We cut white velour from the meter every 10 cm. This rule applies to any type of fabric available in our online store. Check also the offer in the categories: white upholstery velour, white fabrics.

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