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Mattresses for upholstered furniture or beds always need the right filling. If you haven't chosen it yet, it's worth taking a look at our range of coconut mats for mattresses.

What are coconut mats used for?

Coconut mat is ideally suited for mattresses used in upholstered furniture (such as sofas or beds, for example), and especially for their spring varieties. Its functions mainly include improving the quality of the mattress by giving it the right firmness, and thus making the mattress more comfortable to use - they can relieve even the worst back and shoulder pains. To significantly firm the mattress, it should be placed in the middle, between its foams. On the other hand, if you do not need so much improvement in the firmness of the mattress, just put it on the bottom of the filling. It is also worth mentioning that coir hardens and improves air circulation, as well as significantly extends the life of the mattress.

Production process of coconut mats - we focus on naturalness

The coconut mats offered in our store are made from natural raw materials derived from the shell of the coconut. The fibers are pressed, vulcanized and latexed (using rubber milk), which prevents them from spreading and makes them form a strong structure together, just in the form of a mat. We guarantee that our coconut mats are made using only natural methods - we do not use any chemicals in production.

Natural hypoallergenic properties of coconut

The undoubted advantage of the coconut mats we offer is that they do not cause allergies or sensitization. This is because the coir fibers contain mineral salts that limit the growth of dust mites, bacteria and mold. A very big advantage of coir mattress mats is their mobility - rather than being permanently attached to mattresses, you can change the firmness of your mattress at any time and adjust it to your current needs. If the firmness set with the mat doesn't suit you, you can easily take it out and put it elsewhere in the mattress to adjust its properties.

Other practical uses of coconut mats

In addition to having a salutary effect on the spine and shoulders by increasing firmness in mattresses, the coconut mats on offer adapt well to the shape of the body and prevent both bedsores and mattress deformation. Their advantages can also include absorbing moisture (for example, sweat) and wicking it away, which has a very big impact on the quality of sleep - so you feel fresh and sweat less. The product can be used in the manufacture of furniture, mattresses, decorative items and, due to its naturalness and harmlessness, accessories for children. It is also great for gardening.

Choose the best coconut mat for you

We offer a very large selection of coconut mats. Among other things, our products vary in size and thickness - all so that you can choose the perfect coconut mat for your mattress (or for other uses). A coir insert is a great way to improve your mattress for little money and an excellent investment for years to come. Take a look at our product range and contact our store for a customized product.


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