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In our wide range you will find high-quality maintenance oil, which is ideal for lubricating machine parts and precision mechanisms. Depending on your needs, you can choose a smaller or larger packaging capacity. We have products only from well-known and professional manufacturers, so tool maintenance oil works quickly and effectively protects items from adverse factors for a long time. In addition, we offer our customers pneumatic tool oil, universal remover, welding spray, petroleum jelly oil, as well as a reliable rust remover.

Maintenance grease

The maintenance grease we offer is perfect for preventing creaking, rubbing and creaking of components that are part of various vehicles, machines and equipment. Our product range offers both silicone grease and copper grease, which provides excellent adhesion, thermal stability and, in addition, protects against the formation of corrosion. In addition, it is resistant to a variety of chemicals and weathering.

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