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Fabric designs

Upholstery store with fabrics and materials

Kameleon Pro is a fabric wholesaler operating in the market for more than two decades. Thanks to the experience we have gained over the years, we have become experts in upholstery fabrics, accessories and upholstery tools necessary for the work of an upholsterer, furniture restoration enthusiast or interior design enthusiast. We know how important it is to match the fabric precisely, so we offer an extensive range of such products in our store. Thanks to the available pattern books, you will easily find the best color and pattern and select the right type of fabric. In our online store you can also buy natural, antibacterial and flame retardant fabrics. In addition to a wide assortment of brand-name fabrics, useful upholstery accessories, decorative elements and haberdashery are also at your disposal. In addition, we offer a large selection of tools necessary when performing upholstery and repair work. An extensive range of products is not the only asset of the Kameleon Pro store. We also pay a lot of attention to ensuring that our furniture fabrics, upholstery equipment and accessories are of the highest possible quality. You can convince yourself of this by purchasing samples of fabrics and materials. We work only with reputable manufacturers of high-quality materials. At your disposal is also our showroom in Kalwaria Zebrzydowska near Krakow. The impressive display is located at 27a Jagiellońska Street and covers an area of nearly 100 square meters.

Wholesale upholstery shop - the best fabrics for furniture production and renovation

You can buy all the products available in the upholstery store in retail and wholesale quantities. Thanks to fabric pattern books you will present your customers with a variety of upholstery material options. We offer wholesale and retail sales of customized fabrics. We cut them from 1 mb every 10 cm! This is a very convenient solution, because it allows you to order exactly the amount of fabric you need. At every stage - from the selection of the product, through its purchase and delivery - we provide you with professional assistance. We deliver our fabrics and materials, as well as upholstery tools and accessories, all over the country, and in some cases - when the company's reach is larger - also beyond it. Shopping at is convenient and easy. You don't have to leave home to choose fabrics and curtain materials or upholstery tools. You can find all the products you need in the online store, and all you need to buy them is a smartphone or computer with internet access.

Online store with fabrics by meter

Whether you are a professional upholsterer or a hobbyist who likes to restore furniture on your own - in the online store you will buy the materials you need to upholster furniture: sofa, armchair and bed headrest. We offer you printed fabrics in dozens of variants. These products are not only used in decorating lounge furniture, but can also be used to decorate curtains, garlands and pillows. For the convenience of our customers, we have divided the fabrics and decorative fab rics available in our wholesale store by purpose, among other things. In the assortment you will find furniture fabrics - with pattern and plain, quilted and jacquard, waterproof and washable. Also check out fabrics dedicated to specific furniture - chairs, armchairs, sofas or corners. If you need outdoor fabrics for the outdoors, choose from the products available in our store for upholstery of patio lounges, garden seats and deck chairs. Most of them are not only waterproof fabrics, but also those that are not intimidated by UV rays and wind. In our upholstery store you will also find curtain fabrics, mattress fabrics, decorative fabrics and upholstery fabrics. We offer you colorful fabrics and materials in a full range of colors - from neutral white, through muted beiges and grays, subtle pastels, to intense pink, red and green. In addition to color, you can also choose a pattern - fabrics in leaves, decorated with herringbone, inspired by animal motifs or fabrics in flowers are just a few of our suggestions. It's also up to you to decide what type of fabric you opt for. Organic leather products, jacquard fabrics, velour, plush, knitted fabrics, velvet fab rics - you will find these and other fabric variants in our wholesale store. If you attach great importance to making fabrics practical, choose stain-resistant furniture upholstery or those with washing capabilities. You can also opt for eco-friendly, pet-friendly or antibacterial fabrics. Kameleon Upholstery Shop offers a wide selection of upholstery, curtain and other fabrics. We offer a wide range of upholstery assortment, which will not disdain even large upholstery companies specializing in furniture restoration and production.

Decorative elements and upholstery accessories - online store for upholsterers

Furniture restoration and interior finishing and decorating work requires the use of appropriate decorative elements. Some of them just decorate the item, while others also have a practical function - they mask the damage in the sofa or connect sheets of material to each other. In our extensive assortment you will find both. We offer glass buttons and decorative nails, with the help of which you can decorate the headboard of a bed, a pouffe or upholstery placed on the wall in the living room. In turn, with the help of metal knockers you can easily make your rest more attractive in glamour style. And with the help of upholstery pins and nails you will not only transform an old sofa or armchair, but also cleverly hide the connection of the fabric with the structure of the furniture. In the Kameleon Pro store you will also find useful furniture legs, felt pads, caps, mounting and masking strips, as well as swivel casters and furniture rollers, the so-called upholstery accessories. In addition, our upholstery wholesaler has a wide range of metal technical supplies - hinges, rivets, fasteners, screws and bolts. In addition, we offer you a wide assortment of haberdashery articles - tapes, upholstery belts, cords, threads, Velcro, upholstery scissors and knives. Buy in our store the right upholstery accessories to work with the best materials.

Upholstery tools - pneumatic, power tools, hand tools and more.

When working on furnishing your home, you can not miss the right tools. We are well aware of this, so in our online store, in addition to fabrics and decorative accessories, you will also find power tools - jigsaws, glue guns and upholstery adhesives, compressors, heat guns, sanders, drills and screwdrivers. In addition, we offer useful pneumatic accessories - staplers, nail guns and stencil guns. At Kameleon Pro Wholesale you can also stock up on hammers, extractors, pliers, riveters, brushes and boxes. During your work, you will also certainly need measuring upholstery accessories - pencils, markers, chalks, protractors and levels. In addition, you will need tool accessories - drills, chisels, chucks and brushes. We also offer abrasive articles, brooms, shovels, upholstery belts, upholstery foams, loading belts, tapes, oils and lubricants for maintenance - all these products you can buy in the store for upholsterers

Wholesale upholstery shop with fabric samples and patterns

So that you can best match decorative elements to your upholstery, we put at your disposal an extensive range of fabric patterns and samplers. Solid and colorful upholstery fabrics, children 's and oriental fabrics, plush and knitted products - these are just a few of the samples we offer. All pattern books come in the form of convenient hang tags or fabric scarves that you can easily store. Thanks to fabric samples and pattern books, choosing the right upholstery fabric will not be difficult for you.

Online upholstery store with fabrics and cushions

To refresh your interior, you don't have to renovate it right away. Sometimes all it takes is a few additions, and the room will gain clarity and take on a new character. A corner sofa in an unoriginal gray color can easily be made more attractive with a few colorful pillows. In our store you will find patterned models in checks or rhomboids, pastel and those in neutral colors. Thanks to them you will easily change the interior of your living room, lounge or teenager's bedroom.

Online store Kameleon Pro is the place where you will find fabrics and materials in patterns, upholstery tools and various decorative upholstery accessories. Whether you are a professional upholsterer, restoring furniture for your own use, looking for good quality fabrics by the meter, or designing or decorating interiors - in our wholesale store you will buy all the products you need. Materials will allow you not only to refresh old furniture and arrange your apartment, but also to decorate your terrace and even renew your car upholstery! Familiarize yourself with our offer and from a wide range of materials, accessories and tools, choose the ones that suit you best. We also encourage you to visit our stationary store located near Krakow.

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