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Welcome to the Chameleon Pro online store - the place where you can find the fabric by the meter necessary to upholster the furniture of your dreams. Our offer was created especially for professional upholsterers who want to provide their clients with premium quality sofas, chairs or armchairs, and hobbyists who love to spend their free time creating original furniture with their own hands. Prepared fabrics by meter will also certainly appeal to those looking for custom-made furnishing fabrics. We offer a huge selection of fabrics, so you will find materials that follow current trends. In addition to fabrics, in our fabric store you will also find pins, glass buttons, furniture legs or materials in patterns of our production. We invite you to learn more about our offer and place an order for our high-quality fabrics in our online store!

A few words about Kameleon Pro - a fabric store for everyone

As an online fabric wholesaler at Kameleon Pro, we specialize in the sale of furniture fabrics, which are distinguished by their high quality, durability and excellent properties that are sure to meet the expectations of even the most demanding individual and business customers. Our offer is used not only by professional upholsterers, hobbyists or people looking for high quality fabrics by the meter. We are equally often approached by designers and interior decorators who are looking for quality that goes hand in hand with a variety of choices. Our company has been in business for more than 20 years, during which we have managed to win the trust of thousands of customers from all over Poland. In many stores in the country you can find cheap fabrics of questionable quality. For us, price does not play the highest role in the choice of fabric. We want to offer you in our store the highest quality at an affordable price. It's time for you to join our satisfied customers. We offer a wide selection of fabrics - check out the offer of our fabric store.

What sets our fabric store apart from the competition is the availability of dozens of different fabrics available online and in-store. With us you can order them in bulk or choose to buy them by size to make sure you get exactly the amount of fabric you need. In our current offer you will find proposals from manufacturers such as Fargotex and TOPTEXTIL. In addition, we offer private label products that have been appreciated by demanding customers and are popular with both hobbyists and professional upholsterers. On sale at our fabric wholesaler you will find a wide selection of fabrics in practically all colors - from white, to orange, to gray and beige. Our priority is to provide the best quality fabrics at attractive prices. Check out the category: fabric colors and fabrics.

Opt for patterned and elegant high quality fabrics for size - we offer many colors

Variety of colors is just the beginning. At Kameleon Pro, we also offer patterned fabrics for size. Our store has prepared a diverse assortment for you, where elegant and luxurious proposals await, as well as articles in line with current upholstery trends. These include, for example, oriental, animal, floral or children's prints. Their durability and resistance to tearing means that upholstery materials sold from the metro effectively protect the interior of furniture, while absorbing a variety of pressures and impacts.

Materials manufactured from the best fibers - visit our store for quality fabrics

If you value high quality, durability and strength, you are sure to find something for you in our assortment. At Kameleon Pro, we offer customers metro fabrics in such types as fabric, velvet, plush, velour, plaid, jacquard, flock, boucle and chenille. Why are they the ones that will work best as upholstery fabrics? The reason is simple - they use the highest quality polyester fibers, which are famous for their functionality and uncompromising resistance. High-quality materials do not rub off and do not lose color under the influence of light for a long time. In addition, they protect the furniture from the formation of unsightly balls and threads. And all this is combined with pleasure and softness to the touch, as well as the wide application of fabrics, which can be used for upholstering and preparing new upholstery for furniture.

Functionality and high quality - sink into the design of Chameleon Pro fabrics

Deciding to place an order in our online fabric store, you can choose a fabric that will surprise you with its functionality and detailed parameters. In our assortment you will find, among other things, products characterized by impeded absorption of liquids, or waterproof materials. This makes them perfect not only in living rooms or offices, but also on terraces and balconies. In addition, at Kameleon Pro we offer fashionable fabric designs boasting easy cleaning, stain resistance and washability. There is also no shortage of garden proposals. If you care about an unchanging appearance for years and resistance or trouble-free removal of stains - these are the fabrics to choose for your size.

Pet-friendly materials and more

It doesn't stop at stain-resistant or waterproof. Our online fabric wholesaler has prepared pet-friendly materials for individual and corporate customers, which will perfectly cope in homes with dogs, cats and other pets. In addition, we have for you flame-retardant products, with antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties or those that have received the renowned OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certificate. The assortment could not miss fabrics enriched with natural fibers. It is definitely worth using our store with fabrics and fabrics to size.

Fabric for size with OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certificate

Customers who do not compromise on quality will certainly be interested in fabrics with the OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certificate, which guarantees the highest quality of fabrics in direct contact with the human body. In order to obtain it, it is necessary to undergo numerous rigorous tests, during which materials are examined for the presence of 100 of the most dangerous substances that can threaten the health of consumers. These include, for example, pesticides, allergenic dyes or formaldehydes. Interestingly, in the case of fabrics, the OEKO-TEX Standard certificate is only valid for one year. After this time, the manufacturer must again meet strict conditions to extend it.

Materials for allergy sufferers - high quality and safety

To meet the expectations of our customers, at Kameleon Pro we have prepared a wide selection of fabrics ideal for allergy sufferers. These are hypoallergenic materials that improve the comfort of rest and everyday life and have a positive impact on the health of furniture users. With their help, you can reduce the absorption of fungi and dust mites by the sofa or armchair, which can cause an allergic reaction. The same is true for dust and bacteria. All you need to do is to use the prepared filters and choose fabrics for dimensions with antibacterial and antifungal properties.

Eco-friendly fabrics from the subway

Growing environmental awareness has challenged manufacturers in various industries. In the world of textiles, it couldn't be more different. That's why our online fabric store offers recycled eco-friendly fabrics by size. This is an excellent option for customers who strive to live according to the idea of zero waste and want to reduce the amount of waste generated. Such upholstery textiles are made from recycled fibers that have been given a second life. The result? You can enjoy your dream furniture while taking care of the environment.

Material for meters - fabrics not only for your home

Did you know that the products offered by our online fabric wholesaler are an ideal choice not only for homes, apartments or offices? Thanks to their sensational parameters, in particular, ease of maintenance and high durability, the fabrics available in this category sold by the meter will work equally well for upholstering garden furniture, for this purpose we have prepared a category of outdoor / outdoor fabrics. However, their use does not end there! Fabrics, which you can buy wholesale or retail, are also an excellent solution for car upholstery. You will also find fabrics for curtains, printed fabrics, holiday fabrics, decorative fabrics and more.

Fabric to size - order a sample and the exact amount of fabric you need

At Kameleon Pro fabric store we are well aware of the importance of the aesthetics of the finished furniture. That's why, to enable you to find the fabric with the perfect color, we offer samples. With us you can order them separately for each product. In the case of smooth fabrics, the testers are 8 × 8 cm, and the patterned ones: 20 × 20 cm. However, it does not stop there! We also offer the sale of customized fabrics, which we cut from 0.5 mb every 10 cm! This allows you to order exactly the amount of materials you actually need.

You can find materials in the following colors

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