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Na tkaninie mogą wystąpić skazy: drobne zagniecenia i zaciągnięcia, które zostały przedstawione na ostatnim zdjęciu.  Ze względu na te defekty udzielamy rabatu w wysokości 50%. Z tego powodu tkanina nie podlega zwrotowi oraz reklamacji. 

Anthracite is a dark, deep shade of gray, which is an excellent alternative to black. Thanks to the fact that it is lighter and less decisive than it, it is much easier to introduce it into an interior design. Anthracite is an extremely noble, elegant and sophisticated shade. It is suitable for both classic and modern rooms. The anthracite color of fabrics blends very well with white, among other things. It can be successfully used in a bedroom, hallway or study. If anthracite upholstery fabric is what you are looking for, check out the offer of our online store

Anthracite upholstery fabrics from - why should you buy them?

What are the characteristics of anthracite metered upholstery fabrics offered by our online store They are durable and long-lasting, making them ideal for upholstering furniture, such as a sofa, armchair or chair. A significant part of them have the relevant certificates confirmed by the Textile Institute in Lodz. This makes them able to meet the expectations of even the most demanding upholsterers. What also distinguishes our online store is that we cut anthracite up holstery fabrics in 10 cm increments starting from 0,5 mb.

Large selection of anthracite upholstery fabrics

What kind of anthracite up holstery fabrics can be found in our online store There are a whole lot of possibilities here. Among other things, you can choose from smooth anthracite upholstery fabrics for meters. They can be kept in light or slightly darker colors of upholstery fabrics. Anthracite met ered upholstery fabrics covered with various patterns, for example, floral or geometric, can be an interesting alternative. Our offer also does not lack fabrics with special properties, for example, stain-resistant or weather-resistant.

Elegant anthracite upholstery fabrics

What are the recommended anthracite upholstery fabrics from our online store AURORA 2487 chenille is very popular among customers. The grammage of this anthracite up holstery fabric is 320 g/m2, and the abrasion resistance - 50,000 cycles. The fabric is machine washable at 40 degrees Celsius, which makes it easy to keep clean. What also sets it apart is its impeded absorption of liquids.

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