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They are part of a stable structure and provide even support for a seat or box. Metal legs for furniture are one of the most popular finishing elements, especially when creating furnishings for a terrace or gazebo.

Due to their properties - aesthetic and technical - they are also valued in the production of benches, tables and chairs for use in public spaces. In modern industrial home or office interiors, metal legs for furniture also find a number of applications.

In our offer you will find solid furniture legs in many variants. They differ in shape, size and style. They are available in several color versions. We are sure that you will find among them the ideal finishing elements for the upholstery or assembly work in progress.

Furniture legs made of metal - advantages

Are you thinking about choosing furniture legs made of metal? These are elements that will look perfect in:

- garden furniture,

- home furniture maintained in an industrial climate,

- upholstered furniture (sofas, sofas, pouffes, armchairs).

Nothing prevents you from using our brackets in other projects as well. It is worth considering the decision to purchase them, because:

-they are very stable,

-they have a fastening system that provides a solid connection between the furniture and the legs,

-they are resistant to the influence of atmospheric factors - above all, they do not corrode under the influence of moisture,

-they come in many forms and sizes - in addition to the classic straight poles, the offer includes furniture legs made of metal in the shape of cones, the letter X, geometric figures. They can be low and squat or slender and tall. In some models, manufacturers use an adjustment system, which further increases the functionality of the items.

Metal furniture legs online - get to know our offer

In the assortment of our store you will find solid metal furniture legs. Online you can buy them cheaper than stationary - we conduct both retail and wholesale sales. The offer we present is distinguished not only by an attractive price. We focus on diversity and a wide selection.

With us you will buy cheap furniture legs in black, gold, satin. There are matte and high-gloss finished versions. There are also copper, chrome or brass pieces that look great in interiors and exteriors.

Buy conveniently online! Metal furniture legs in our store are a guarantee of durability. They are able to bear even heavy boxes of sofas or kitchen cabinets. They look good in places where aesthetic appearance and high functionality are important.

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