Tailor's chalk

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When sewing, you need to demonstrate not only the skills themselves, but also precision. It is important to measure and properly mark the place of work. In such a task, professional and amateur tailors are helped by tailor chalks. Thanks to them, making cuts, sewing and shortening the material is much easier. In its basic form, it is made from talc in the form of a slightly oily, small block. Today you can find many different types of tailor's chalks, including in pencil or in the form of a special powder with an applicator.

Chalks for upholsterers

It is worth remembering to have several types and several colors when sewing, because this allows you to mark the lines of work on fabrics of different weights and colors. Importantly, all our products are of high quality. We make sure that haberdashery articles can reach both professionals and amateurs. Thus, among the products in this category you will find only good quality talc, which you will use to temporarily mark your work area. This will make your work easier.

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