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Twine is an indispensable element for many gardening and construction works. Thanks to it, you can mark out straight lines over long distances or precisely delineate given sectors of the garden. The cords in our offer are designed for an even wider range of work. Thanks to their versatility, they are perfect for hanging mineral wool, making sheaves or baling crops. An undoubted advantage is also resistance to sunlight. On the farm, they will also be useful for fixing items and tying fabric bags and more.

Measuring cords for upholsterers

In addition to the traditional types of cords, we also offer high-quality scribing cords. These products are primarily characterized by high tensile strength. With them you can mark out straight lines on walls and floors. A metal clip, located at the beginning of the string, allows you to firmly fix it in the desired place. The body of the product has a properly contoured and ergonomic shape, which perfectly adapts to the shape of the hand and thus significantly improves the activities performed.

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