Decorative cord 5mm with ribbon matte grey KM16115

Decorative cord 5mm with ribbon matte grey KM16115

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Are you looking for an interesting idea to use a decorative string? They can be a fantastic solution and an alternative to trimming pillows or upholstered furniture. Thanks to the ribbon and decorative cords, you will give your products a unique and individual look. A simple cord with a sewing tape is perfect for hemming pillows, curtains, pillows, as well as upholstered furniture.

Decorative cord is a great alternative for finishing pillows or upholstered furniture. The upholstery cord will also be used as an upholstery kedra. Decorative cord 5 mm gray is a perfect addition to your furniture and decorations.

The product is made of synthetic fibers.

*Price given for 1 running meter of the product.

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