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They may not be the most important element in the construction of furniture or as visible as the structure of upholstery, but it is difficult to imagine cabinets or sofas without them.

Plastic furniture legs are an important component used in carpentry, upholstery, but also decorative work. Their task is to provide stability to the boxes, as well as to support them safely, even when they weigh a lot.

Therefore, in addition to classic forms, in our store you will also find corner and cylindrical furniture legs. All this to help you realize the established design and furnish the interior with attention to every detail.

The role of furniture glides

Moving, especially heavy furniture, on the floor can damage its surface. However, it is difficult to imagine lifting a sofa or armchairs and moving them to another place every time you clean.

This problem is solved by furniture glides. Online you will find a large selection of screw-embedded restraints, including:

- round,

- rectangular,

- flat.

You can easily fit them to the shape and size of the table or chair leg and thus effectively protect the floor from scratches. This is the main task performed by the furniture glides available online.

Plastic furniture legs - advantages

The plastic furniture legs in our offer are made of high-quality plastic. This means that they are ready to carry boxes, seats and cabinets even of considerable weight.

They work very well in combination with upholstered furniture. Especially in the corners, which have an unusual shape, a solid structure can be designed and made. How?

Just buy, in addition to the traditional, simple elements, offered by us:

- corner furniture legs,

- furniture roller legs,

- square and/or rectangular legs.

By properly selecting the number of plastic furniture legs, as well as thoughtfully spacing them, you will get a stable support even for squat, heavy seats. The priority for comfort and safety is to distribute the load evenly.

Furniture legs online - check our offer

Take a look at our assortment of furniture sliders and legs. Online you will find a large selection of products designed for professional upholsterers, as well as for amateurs who like to make their own interior metamorphoses.

We offer competitive prices and a variety of products - corner furniture legs, cylindrical, classic, as well as screw-in furniture glides. Online you can buy them in gray, black, silver and chrome versions. You are welcome!

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