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KENNEDY upholstery hammer has a wooden handle and a head made of steel. The uniqueness of this tool lies in its magnetized head , which has a special trough for placing the nail. Thanks to this patent, you will drive nails quickly and efficiently. At KameleonPRO we focus on PROfessionalism. Dimensions: Length - 27 cm Width - 14 cm

Our wide assortment includes high-quality hand tools from well-known and respected manufacturers. Their ergonomic handles and light weight will make any work much faster and more pleasant. Various types of pliers, pliers, staplers, riveters, punches, chisels, as well as saws, saws and blades await our customers. In addition, we have a variety of shears, clippers, pliers, chisels, rasps and files. With us, there is something for everyone, whether home DIY enthusiasts or professionals in the construction or industrial sectors.

Construction hand tools

All the construction hand tools we offer can be found in our online store. Next to each product you will find a detailed description, which will certainly help you choose the most suitable chisel, knife, screwdriver, gimp, hammer, wrench, crowbar, brush, puller, squeeze or extractor. If you have any doubts or questions, our experts will be happy to advise you.

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