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Upholstery belts are mainly used to repair various types of fabric items, allowing them to prolong their life. Although sewing today is not as common as it used to be, more and more people are finding themselves small machines and trying to restore old items and sew new ones on their own. If you are one of them, you have come to the perfect place! Choosing our range of upholstery belts, you can count on good products that will allow you to effectively and quickly repair tents, backpacks, bags and much more.

Robust upholstery belts

Upholstery belts are tough, durable and stretchable, although when choosing the right one you need to decide not only on the right width, but also on the right thickness and degree of stretch. It's also important that you choose the right product for the right job. All of our products that you will find in this category are of high quality. We make sure that the upholstery belts are diverse, so that you can choose the right type regardless of what you just wanted to prepare or repair. That's why in our assortment you will find different widths, thicknesses and stretches of belts. However, one thing remains constant - high quality.

Our range of upholstery belts

We know that you need specific types of belts for particular jobs. Therefore, we have composed the offer in such a way that it meets your expectations. You will find with us, among others:

- sash belts - made of natural materials - linen, jute and hemp canvas. They are not only very durable, but also in accordance with the currently fashionable eco trend. They are suitable for filling backrests, headrests, armrests,

- elastic belts, including belts with additional reinforcements - most often produced from latex thread warp, polyamide, polyester or polypropylene yarn. They are very durable and designed for installation in seats. They provide optimum flexibility, but retain their form - even under heavy pressure. They do not stretch or deform,

- rubber belts - increase the flexibility of the foam, which is placed in the frames of furniture. In addition to the upholstery industry, they have a number of applications in the automotive industry.

A large selection of upholstery belts of various types will allow you to carry out simple and more complex projects. Most often they involve refreshing the image of furniture, repairing and refinishing it. We recommend belts to professional upholsterers, but also to hobbyists who work in a home workshop adapted in the garage.

Characteristics of upholstery belts

What should be the characteristics of good upholstery belts? This question is asked mainly by beginners who are starting their adventure or professional work in the industry. The more experienced know that the priority is:

- obtaining belts with very high strength and durability,

- using components that are resilient, so they do not wear out as a result of intensive use,

- an even and dense weave that provides an aesthetic finish to the belts,

- a large selection of colors, taking into account good dyeing techniques - so that the belts do not fade or discolor.

All upholstery belts you will find in our offer meet the above requirements. They are of the best quality, which is confirmed by the quality and safety certificates awarded to them.

Upholstery belts - buy online in the online store

We invite you to buy upholstery belts online through our online store. We sell them by the piece or by the meter. This makes it easy for you to adjust the amount of material you need for the job, without overstocking and overpaying.

See what we have prepared for your upholstery workshop. We are sure that our offer will be the answer to the needs of all those who are engaged in furniture production, restoration, repair or renovation of seats and upholstery.

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