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Eco leather in interior design has a wide and increasingly popular application. With the growing awareness of consumers, especially pro-environmental, eco leather by the meter is slowly displacing natural leather from the market. One of its biggest advantages is also the relatively low price, which will certainly not ruin the household budget. In the Kameleon Pro store you will find a large selection of eco-leather - this fabric is available in many different colors, so everyone will find something for themselves. The materials we offer are the highest quality products that will meet even the most exorbitant expectations of future users. Eco leather is a high-quality material that imitates natural leather. Thanks to it, you will not have to use natural leather for your projects, but still each piece of furniture made will be able to look great and be used for many years. See for yourself!

Discover all the advantages of eco-friendly leather! From today you can dispense with natural leather

The material eco-leather is made without the use of animal products, and taking care of this aspect is very fashionable nowadays. In addition, eco leather visually does not differ from natural leather, except that the former does not require such meticulous care and is more durable. The range of eco-leather we offer is characterized by the highest class of resistance to dry friction and wet friction. The materials are also resistant to the action and seepage of water, so cleaning and daily care is intuitive and hassle-free. Organic leathers presented on the site are also a good part of furniture upholstery. They are easy to clean, that is, they significantly help in maintaining the cleanliness of the furniture. On top of that, eco-leather is very pleasant to the touch, which makes it perfect as upholstery for furniture.

Large selection of eco leather for meters at attractive prices! Great eco leather for years to come

Some people believe that it is impossible to juxtapose high quality and low price, because these features are mutually exclusive. Our offer is a breakthrough of this thesis. In the category of eco-leather there are more than 130 different colors of leather and designs that differ from each other in grammage and composition. Each product is characterized by high resistance to stretching and tearing. We realize that upholstering does not always have to be done on a large scale. Sometimes a small scrap of material is needed to upholster one cushion or renew one element of the entire rest. Therefore, the material - eco leather for meters in our store can be ordered from 0,5 mb. We also know how difficult it is to choose the right color, especially since what you see on the monitor screen does not always reflect reality. In this case, you can order a sample of the material from us and see if it will match the overall furnishings. If you want the look of a piece of furniture like the one made with natural leather upholstery, but still want to use a material that only imitates animal skin, choose eco leather. It is an excellent material for restoring furniture upholstery and renovating old furniture.

Applications of eco leather - the opposite of natural leather

Eco leather is to give yourself a substitute for luxury in a way that is environmentally and wallet friendly. The high quality and fulfillment of all strength parameters make it a material that will last for many years, and its daily use will be easy and economical. All this means that eco-leather is often used in the production and renovation of furniture as upholstery of furniture such as sofas, armchairs, pouffes or bed-heads. Also fashionable are seats made with its use, which can increasingly be seen in the hallways of many homes. Eco-leather will also do well in car upholstery. Regardless of the interior design, it will add a classic and tasteful finish to rooms and furnishings.

Are you looking for high quality organic leather? The Chameleon Pro online store carries this and other materials!

Kameleon Pro is a paradise for professional upholsterers and hobbyists. First of all, our customers will find a wide selection of upholstery fabrics at attractive prices. In addition to eco-leather, there is also velour, velvet, plaid and chenille. Fabrics with special properties are also a hit, including water-stain-resistant, pet-friendly, flame-retardant, eco-friendly and those made of natural fibers. The full assortment also includes a variety of upholstery tools and supplies. Be sure to check out for yourself what else we have prepared for you and also get acquainted with other furniture fabrics available in our offer!

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