Zigzag fabric

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Zigzag are fabrics that are mostly made of polyester. It shows high resistance to creasing and are flame retardant. In addition, zigzag fabric is distinguished by the fact that it can very well cope with various types of damage that may occur during daily use. Moreover, zigzag fabric has resistance to sunlight. Therefore, some fabrics can be used outdoors, for example, on the terrace. With special note that only some. Before choosing a particular fabric, it is worth seeking advice from the manufacturer. We will then gain confidence that we have made the right choice.

Materials in zigzags

In this category you will find fabrics that look perfect in classic and modern interiors. Zigzag fabric gives the interior charm and elegance. This is the main reason why more and more of our customers, opt for this fabric. It gives a lot of arrangement possibilities. The zigzag fabrics we offer you come in a very interesting color combination. An interesting item are fabrics in black and white or red and white zigzags. Arranged alternately thick and thin zigzags make the fabric look intriguing. This is a pattern that is sure to enliven any interior.

Zigzags - it's fashionable!

Zigzag fabric is a design that is very expressive. Such fabrics are intended for those who want to bring originality and timelessness to the interior. Fabric with a pattern in the form of zigzags looks very impressive on decorative pillows. Such a small decorative element is enough to give the interior a new character.

In the upholstery wholesaler Kameleon Pro there is a wide selection of fabrics diversified in terms of color, design or grade of material. The offer also includes fabrics in zigzags, which look elegant and stylish especially on jacquard type material.Take a look at this offer!

Interior design with material in zigzags

Material in zigzags is a very interesting solution that brings a cozy atmosphere to the interior. For this reason, it is a pattern that has more and more supporters. The classic zigzag often appears in retro, Scandinavian, as well as classic styling. It all depends on individual preferences and expectations. If you want to add character to your bedroom, be tempted by this fabric. You can order it in our store Chameleon Pro for meters. You are welcome!

Zigzag on decorative pillows

Zigzag is quite a versatile pattern, which will find its way into almost all elements of interior design. Decorative pillows are certainly an original choice here. Zigzag is a pattern that has many advantages. Most of them have already been mentioned above. However, it is also worth noting that zigzags go well with other geometric patterns. It is only important to remember when arranging the interior that the zigzag should not dominate the other elements. For example, if we use black and white zigzags on the pillows, then on the sofa we can be tempted to use rhomboids. Such a combination will look stylish and modern!

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