Fargotex Atelier by Maciej Zień

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The presented collection is a gem for lovers of living in tune with current trends. Get to know the proposals of a slightly eccentric, but much-loved designer, Maciej Zień, who evidently knows what a man looks good in, and not only in the context of clothing. For it turns out that also furniture feels the need to follow fashion, which can be seen not only in design, but also in quality.

Adapt the space to yourself - not the other way around

Upholstery can take on a variety of character: from pattern to texture and type of material. Fortunately, at our wholesaler, the problem in choosing will be... excessive choice, not a lack of it. Also, the collection by Maciej Zień allows you to perfectly match your favorite motifs to suit your needs. Admittedly, it is dominated by mono themes when it comes to the number of colors used, but there is no lack of many shades. There is a choice of both solid fabrics and those bearing ''traces'' of rubbing, white stitching, which make the furniture rarely boring. There is also no shortage of geometric patterns, strongly reminiscent of Moroccan motifs, which also look beautiful when combined with solid-colored fabrics.

Upholstery material that pleases

Chenille fabric and velvet have one thing in common - they are absolutely stunning. Not only do they look great on furniture, but they also do not remain indebted to the sense of touch. Seemingly stiff and devoid of softness on closer acquaintance, they provide unearthly relaxation. And it should be known that rest is an integral part of daily activity. Therefore, it is worth reaching for furniture with a solid base and durable details, such as upholstery fabric. Those available from us are characterized by premium class, which testifies to resistance to daily use, including stain resistance, flame retardant and anti-allergic properties.

The detail plays an important role in the perception of the interior

Is there only a well-known name behind the success of this collection? Absolutely not! Our fabrics are defended by their quality, beauty and the heart put into a kind of uplifting of the aesthetic qualities of the world. Fashionable and elegant designs printed on premium raw materials should not be overlooked during the metamorphosis of the interior. Their choice is more than a necessity to purchase certain fabrics; it is, first of all, a guarantee of guests' delight. Elegance is a desirable feature of any piece of furnishings, as it testifies both to the furniture itself and to the brilliant sense of taste and aesthetics of the owner of a given interior!

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