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Choosing the right upholstery sticks is very important for comfortable work and the final result. We offer various types of upholstery sticks, so you are sure to find the most suitable product for you.

What are upholstery sticks used for?

Upholstery pins are tiny, specific nails - a type of inserts for upholstery pins, which are indispensable in the work of any upholsterer or carpenter. Among other things, they allow decorative fabrics to be joined to the wooden frames of chairs or armchairs, and various wooden elements to be joined together in an almost invisible way. Sometimes decorative sticks are also used, which not only connect pieces of wood or wood to fabric, but also function as unique decorations when finishing furniture.

Types of upholstery skewers - choose a skewer for your skewer.

There are two types of upholstery sticks - head and headless. They differ not only in their application, but also in the type of stick machines they are designed for. We offer both head and headless upholstery sticks - and, of course, those that are universal and support both types of sticks.

Headless sticks - discretion and durability

Headless upholstery sticks are characterized by the fact that they connect elements (for example, upholstery to the wooden frame of a piece of furniture) invisibly. However, the lack of a head does not mean that they are less durable. They are perfect for upholstery work on high-quality fabrics, which you do not want to disfigure with metal visible elements. Headless pins will also make it easier to hide any small mistakes of the upholsterer.

Head pins - high aesthetics of workmanship

However, pins do not always have to disfigure an upholstered piece of furniture - sometimes it turns out that aesthetic heads can add a lot of charm to a given structure, if only we know how to arrange them in the right way. This is where head sticks will work perfectly. The key to success is to remember that such pins should be arranged in an even and thoughtful manner.

Outstanding quality and various types of sticks to choose from

Our upholstery sticks guarantee the highest quality due to the durable materials from which they are made. As a result, they very effectively connect upholstery to furniture - with good use, there is no risk of the stick falling off the finished furniture. There are various models and thicknesses of upholstery sticks to choose from, so you are sure to find the right accessories for any type of work.

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