Mounting and masking strips

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In the offer of our store you will find solid and inexpensive masking and fixing strips for mounting material on furniture. Products allow you to cover up and effectively mask gaps or other undesirable effects, while giving your kitchen or living room equipment a unique look. Together with a striking fabric finish, they form a coherent whole. The elements available in our offer differ in dimensions and colors, so you can choose the right product for your needs. Made of high quality aluminum, they are characterized by high strength and are resistant to mechanical impact and corrosion. Thanks to easy installation, you do not need specialized tools to install them on furniture - in the case of solutions equipped with spikes, all you need is a hammer. We also offer countertop slats made of high-quality plastic, which are covered with an additional low abrasion film, which further increases their lifespan and timeless good looks. They have special gaskets with high flexibility, which adhere perfectly to any surface.

Professional mounting and masking strips for furniture

High-quality, professional fixing and masking strips for furniture, which you can buy in our store, ideally cover gaps in such sensitive places as the corners of kitchen countertops. At the same time, they are an effective protection, protecting the contact with the wall from the accumulation of dirt there - dust, food remains and organic waste. They improve hygiene and make it easier to keep the room clean. The products in our offer are appreciated by specialists in the furniture industry - upholsterers and carpenters - who highly appreciate the precision of their workmanship, long-term durability and the ability to match any style. At the same time, we always guarantee expert advice from our salespeople in selecting the perfect solution to fit your needs. The slats themselves can be easily cut on site, as required, to any size. The possibility of modification and adaptation to the dimensions of even the most unconventional furniture is another of their indisputable advantages.

A wide range of furniture strips for fastening and masking

High mechanical resistance, resistance to moisture and rust, as well as easy installation and an attractively low price are the advantages of the furniture strips for fastening and masking materials available from us. If you are a carpenter or upholsterer and are looking for solid solutions for finishing your products - get interested in our offer. We guarantee the highest quality of our assortment and professional support of advisors in the selection of appropriate elements.

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