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Nonwoven fabrics from our offer are characterized by a really wide range of applications. Among other things, they will be great for the production of furniture pads or shoe inserts. However, the use of the product is not limited only to the creation of small accessories. Offered nonwovens can also be used in wrapping furniture, as well as in stiffening clothing (nonwovens can be used as filling for jackets, tracksuits or other parts of clothing). The nonwoven fabric in our offer can also be used in the garden as a cover for plants.

The professional upholstery nonwovens available from us are products widely used and appreciated by many specialists in the furniture industry. They form the top layer of upholstered furniture, as well as mattresses. Thanks to them, we achieve an appropriate level of softness, providing incredible comfort to their users. At the same time, we increase the durability of home furnishings. Fluffiness and resistance to deformation even in the long term are features that make the solutions we offer worth buying.

Professional upholstery nonwovens

The products available in our assortment are characterized by high quality workmanship and durability, so they are able to serve for a long time. We offer various types of nonwoven fabrics (wigofil, oat). Their advantages include ease of cutting and sewing, as well as lightness and softness. The offered nonwovens are economical in formatting blanks and are characterized by very good air and water vapor permeability. All this makes the products created with these products durable and aesthetic. So if you are looking for the perfect solution, check out our product range now. You will find high-end products such as calendered hard felt or soft needled felt, for the manufacture of which special ingredients were used, including polyester, cotton or aniline. Vigofil available from us is a sturdy nonwoven fabric used by upholsterers to finish backboards, sofa bottoms, sofas, sofas, as well as living room furniture. It is characterized by an excellent air and water vapor permeability coefficient, while providing ease of modification at the production stage - cutting and sewing. It is a very economical material.

A wide selection of nonwoven upholstery fabrics for furniture

You can buy upholstery fabrics for finishing furniture and furnishing elements from us in various sizes, weights and functional properties. They are produced using the latest technologies - including advanced thermo-welding methods - resulting in their very good performance characteristics, such as fluffiness and non-deformability. Our nonwovens are used primarily by manufacturers of products for the home. Many years of experience have allowed us to obtain certificates and approvals that confirm the quality of our product range.

High-quality wadding and wigofile for upholsterers

The wadding, oats and wigofiles in our offer are products made from, among other things, high-quality polyester. They are characterized by elasticity and softness, which allows for a perfect fit to any furniture of any size and even the most unusual shape. If you are looking for the best upholstery nonwovens at low prices - take advantage of our wide assortment. We guarantee uncompromising quality and a wide selection of solutions, including those friendly to allergy sufferers and people with sensitive skin. We offer solutions valued by upholsterers.


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