FIBRE (WIGOFIL) 15g/m2 1.6 wide KM1000

FIBRE (WIGOFIL) 15g/m2 1.6 wide KM1000

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Price given for 1 mb. It is possible to order the entire roller in the amount of 1000 mb.

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0,10 = 10 cm (we cut from 1 linear metremetr every 10 cm)


WIGOFIL nonwoven fabric is used in the furniture and upholstery industry for the backs of furniture, the bottoms of sofas, wedges, sofas, chairs, armchairs, etc.

The advantages of this nonwoven fabric are ease of cutting and sewing, lightness, softness. Due to its equal strength in all directions, it is very economical in formatting blanks.

It has very good air and water vapor permeability.

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