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KENNEDY upholstery hammer has a wooden handle and a head made of steel. The uniqueness of this tool lies in its magnetized head , which has a special trough for placing the nail. Thanks to this patent, you will drive nails quickly and efficiently. At KameleonPRO we focus on PROfessionalism. Dimensions: Length - 27 cm Width - 14 cm

Any construction, renovation or decoration of a house requires the right elements. At each stage of the work will be necessary tools, instruments or machinery that are sure to help us in our endeavors. Our store has everything you need to offer. We have high-quality power tools, including pneumatic and hand tools, screwdrivers, screwdrivers and wrenches.

Tool store

Essential for construction work will be accessories, namely spiral hoses, cutters, drill discs and chucks, rasps and various lengths of hoses. In addition, we have wire brushes, discs, cubes and abrasive cloths, but also special pencils and markers that are suitable for different types of surfaces. Following the needs of our customers, we have created a tool store that has ready-made sets with the most necessary items for upholsterers. If you need precision measuring instruments then you will also find something special for you with us. With our products you can easily and quickly measure distances between points, lengths of cut items or different heights and widths. Depending on the size of the things to be measured, both the smaller instruments such as calipers or protractors will be useful, and also measures (classic, coiled) and tapes will be necessary. Various brooms, brushes and shovels can be useful, which are also available in our offer. Our assortment is a guarantee of safety and comfort at work.

Construction tools

Among our products you are sure to choose the construction tools that interest you. Our range includes universal ones designed for both DIY amateurs and professionals. All of them were created by some of the most reputable companies that produce reliable instruments with excellent technical parameters. Hitachi, Stalco, Senco are just some of them. Need a chisel? We have narrow, wide and pointed ones, and if you want to buy a drill we have pneumatic and mains ones. You never know when you'll need to repair something, so it's a good idea to have some basic tools at home. These certainly include, available in our store, screwdrivers, sanders, jigsaws, hammers, wrenches, tape measures or pliers.

Carpentry tools

In our store you will also find carpentry tools from well-known companies, which are characterized by innovation and high quality. They are ideal for carpentry, joinery and furniture workshops. Our offer includes both simple hand tools and specialized power tools. We have squeezers, planers, saws, jigsaws and many more products. For every woodworking enthusiast, we also offer axes whose heads are made of steel, chisel sets, strong metal staplers, handy rippers, pliers, punches, nail extractors - these accessories are sure to help with woodworking. In addition, we have carpenter's hammers, abrasive articles and various types of screwdrivers, which are indispensable in the workshop of a carpenter or joiner.

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