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CRUSH VELVET 35 fabric
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Ze względu na przerwę świąteczną czas realizacji tkanin drukowanych na wałki, kupony długometrażowe, oraz zamówienia indywidualne ULEGA ZMIANIE! Zamówienia złożone do 9 grudnia mają gwarantowany czas dostawy przed Świętami. Druki krótkometrażowe realizowane będą w ramach dostępności towaru. 
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CRUSH VELVET 39 fabric
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Due to the Christmas break, lead times for printed fabrics for rollers, long-form coupons, and custom orders CHANGE! Orders placed by December 9 have a guaranteed delivery time before Christmas. Short-length prints will be realized within the availability of goods.

Beige velour fabric is a unique item in our online store not only because of its universal color, but mainly because of the type of material. Well, velour is among one of the most durable upholstery materials from the group of plush materials. It is characterized by a strong weave, extraordinary softness and fluffy texture, which can be compared to peach skin. Beige velour is an excellent upholstery fabric, resistant to all kinds of abrasions and other mechanical factors. It does not stretch and is extremely easy to keep it clean. To get a better idea of our beige velour fabric, order a sample and see how unusually it looks in person.

Beige velour fabric - elegance and warmth

Velour is a material that has always been associated with exclusive interiors and a kind of luxury. This is due to its unique aesthetic impression that it creates around itself. Well, this fabric gently shines when it comes into contact with light, and its velvety pile structure makes it elegant and extremely cozy at the same time. Beige, on the other hand, has recently become one of the more desirable colors in the world of broad design. Its versatility makes it applicable to absolutely any interior, regardless of the arrangement. Beige velour fabrics will be perfect for spacious rooms full of light. They will add to their classic style, subtle romance, and magically warm the entire space. If you follow the latest trends in your work and follow fashion benchmarks, beige velour is a must-check item. Check out our offer, where you can buy beige velour from the subway.

With us you will supply your studio

The satisfaction and trust that our customers have in us is the most important indicator for the development of our store. To meet the expectations of our customers, we have created the possibility of ordering fabrics by size. This means that in our online store you can purchase any type of fabric, including beige velour by meters. You buy exactly as much as you need, because we cut all fabrics in 10 cm increments. It doesn't matter whether you buy wholesale or retail. By buying beige velour by size, you will save your money and at the same time avoid unnecessary surplus material. Remember that it is possible to buy fabric samples in our online store. We also offer beige upholstery velour. We also recommend checking out the full range of beige fab rics available in our online store.

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