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The work of a leatherworker and upholsterer often requires accessories that are much more durable and robust than the standard tools found in ordinary tailoring. The wide assortment of our store will allow you to choose the ideal tools for your work in this field.

Quality accessories for all types of upholstery work

Accessories such as needles and upholstery pins, which are available in our wide assortment, are high-end items. They can easily handle the treatment and repair of thick sails, strong leathers, old carpets or car upholstery. Made of the best raw materials - including stainless steel - they guarantee high rigidity and above-average sharpness. The offered upholstery needles are able to cut through even the thickest and most ungrateful in repairing materials found in upholstery and leatherwork. The special shape and precise manufacturing process make our upholstery needles and pins second to none. They are indispensable when working with furniture and automotive upholstery, as well as in saddlery. So if you are looking for accessories for really thick and heavy fabrics, then with us you will purchase tools that will amaze you with their above-average quality and functionality.

Upholstery needles in different shapes

Depending on what kind of material you are working on, you will need different types of upholstery needles. The assortment of our store meets the most demanding expectations for upholstery accessories. Here you will find both straight and circular upholstery needles (these will prove especially useful when sewing edges or creating covered stitches), which will allow you to perfectly adjust the working tool to your needs. Our upholstery needles for quilting, or so-called quilting needles, are tools that allow you to join different fabrics together with extreme precision. They are perfect for quilting with ribbon, string or ribbon. Their sharp tip, comfortable to hold head and adjusted length make working with them a pleasure.

Upholstery pins in various sizes and colors

We know how important the right accessories are in the work of an upholsterer or leatherworker, so our store offers the largest selection of upholstery pins. You will find them with us not only in different shapes and sizes, but also in different colors, so you will always be able to choose the right pin for a given type of material. This is important because upholstery pins often also have a decorative function.

Professional upholstery tools for your home

Our accessories are designed for both professionals and amateurs. Therefore, if you are just beginning your adventure with upholstery or leatherwork, or just want to stock up on a set of accessories of this type to facilitate simple, home repairs, you are also sure to find something for you with us. The upholstery needles and upholstery pins we offer will allow you to get started with professional tools, which is sure to greatly improve your work and make you feel more satisfied doing upholstery activities from the very beginning.

Make your work comfortable with our upholstery accessories

We have listed here only some of the many advantages of our products - you'll have to convince yourself of the rest on your own skin (or fabric). We encourage you to take a look at our wide offer, which will enable you to do upholstery work comfortably at a very low cost.

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