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Do you want to refresh the appearance of a piece of furniture? In our assortment you will find a variety of upholstery materials, and one of them is upholstery eco-leather. This is a solution for all professionals who deal with upholstering furniture on a daily basis, and for those who are looking for the perfect material for their home on their own. We have prepared a large selection of color variants. The upholstery fabric eco-leather comes in both light and dark versions, cool and warm shades. So you can easily find an upholstery eco leather that suits your needs.

Upholstery eco leather - to what interiors does it fit?

Upholsteryeco-leather has the advantage that it looks great in many arrangements. This is because it is a timeless, versatile material and available in many shades. The most popular color is pure black. Furniture finished with black eco-leather will perfectly present itself in an interior decorated in a minimalist style. In the quilted version, upholstery eco leather will find use in a room arranged in the glamour style.

In our offer you can also find brown upholstery materials - eco leather in this color will work well in an elegant interior. The warm color of the upholstery will go well with wood, so you can use it in a rustic space. There is also no shortage of original color solutions. If you want the arrangement of the room to be unique, pink or navy blue upholstery fabric will come in handy. Eco-leather can also have a shade of bottle green.

Upholstery materials - eco leather a high-quality fabric

Durable upholstery eco leather is waiting for you in our offer. There are upholstery materials made of eco-leather, which are characterized by high resistance to light. They will retain their intense color despite high sunlight exposure in the room. Another feature is abrasion resistance, which is measured using the Martindale test. Eco upholstery leather can have an abrasion resistance of up to 102400 cycles, which guarantees that it will retain its aesthetic appearance for many years. What are the characteristics of these durable upholstery fabrics? Eco-leather is Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified, so you can be sure that it is safe for your health.

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