Uttario Velvet

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Uttario Velvet is a fabric with a matte finish that gives furniture, as well as accessories, an elegant look. There is a slight scratching effect on the matte texture, which appears when you run your finger over the fabric. This is a hallmark of Uttario Velvet. The advantage of these fabrics is that they come in a wide range of colors. This includes both muted and intense colors. Check out our offer to discover all Toptextil Uttario Velvet fabrics!

First of all - elegance!

An elegant interior? It certainly requires lounge furniture that is covered with exceptional fabrics. These requirements are met by Uttario Velvet fabrics. They also present themselves uniquely on decorative cushions or on armchairs. No matter where you use them one thing is certain - it will be an excellent choice. Uttario Velvet fabric is also a great choice for sewing curtains - you can find this fabric in many modern interiors.

Are you looking for a fabric to upholster lounge furniture for your client? Next to Uttario Velvet you can not pass indifferently. It presents itself elegantly and is extremely stylish. It is available in the offer of our wholesaler Kameleon Pro. Before purchasing the material, we encourage you to use the option of ordering samples. Check out all the colors today!

Second - aesthetics and ease of maintenance!

As mentioned above, Uttario Velvet fabrics are all about great looks, but not only that. These are fabrics that stand out because they look aesthetically pleasing and are practical. They have high resistance to pulling and scratching. This feature translates into a long time of use. What else distinguishes fabrics from the Uttario Velvet collection? Flame retardant - this is another feature worth mentioning. If you are looking for a high-quality fabric, bet on Uttario Velvet.

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