seam sealing tape 2W 22mm waterproof KM780

seam sealing tape 2W 22mm waterproof KM780

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0,10 = 10 cm (we cut from 1 linear metremetr every 10 cm)


Manual application of seam sealing tape

Before the actual application, it is worth doing a test on an invisible part of the material to be sealed. Many materials have low resistance to high temperatures, so it is worth observing if it starts to wrinkle. Just press a small piece of tape through baking paper to see how the material reacts.

Apply the tape on the inside of the seam and press it through the baking paper with an iron.

The iron temperature should be set between 104°C and 177°C

(the lower the value in this fork, the better for the material), usually one of the lowest settings on the iron (one or two stars).

After pressing, you can practically immediately remove the paper

and iron another piece.

A full roll is 250 m

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