SILVER LIFE mattress knit with active silver ions.

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0,10 = 10 cm (we cut from 1 linear metremetr every 10 cm)


Composition - 7% SIM, 30% VISCOSE, 63% PES

Weight - 320 g/m3

Width - 230 cm.

Mattress fabric is a material used for upholstery of mattresses, which has a unique texture and appropriate thickness adapted to perform its function, as well as its characteristic properties. Covers made of Silver Life fabric will provide users with full comfort during sleep, as well as protect any type of mattress from dirt and other mechanical factors that can damage it during daily use. The 230 cm wide fabric, thanks to the silver ions it contains, is a product of nanotechnology that provides protection against bacteria, reduces stress and helps you sleep in freshness and comfort.

What are the main advantages of SILVER LIFE mattress fabric?

  • The fabric has strong antibacterial properties,
  • provides a feeling of freshness,
  • creates hygienic conditions,
  • helps to reduce stress.

The knitted fabric is sold by running meters in maximum coupons of 10 running meters and is available at our wholesale store on hand.

Interested in buying more fabric, or a whole roll? Contact Customer Service - +48 602-134-634.

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 w dniu 04/05/2018

Dziękuję za super szybką dostawę! Materiał znakomity.

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