ANCONA 9901/P3/O100

ANCONA 9901/P3/O100

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0,10 = 10 cm (we cut from 1 linear metremetr every 10 cm)


ANCONA quilted fabric is an ideal material for upholstering a mattress, or sewing a cover for it. Quilted mattress fabric has a unique texture, an appropriate thickness adapted to perform its function, as well as its characteristic properties. A cover made of ANCONA quilted fabric will provide users with full comfort during sleep, as well as protect any type of mattress from dirt and mechanical damage, which can damage the mattress during everyday use. Quilted mattress fabrics are distinguished by characteristic stitching all over their surface. Toptextil makes sure that their mattress fabrics meet the most stringent health safety requirements, so each mattress fabric is Oeko - Tex certified.

In our offer you will find mattress fabric available off-the-shelf, sold by the meter in maximum coupons of 10 running meters.

Interested in buying a whole roll, or a larger quantity of fabric? (more than 10 running meters)?

Contact Customer Service - +48 602-134-634.


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