Guns and squeezers

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Many construction and renovation jobs could not do without the use of practical foam guns and squeezers. These tools are used to apply various substances such as adhesives, silicones or other sealing compounds. The guns and squeezers in our offer are high-end tools with reinforced construction and great ease of use. Accessories in the form of glue guns are intended, among other things, for carpenters who are engaged in the construction of furniture or other objects made of wood. The proposed foam guns can be used both in a home workshop and in a large carpenter's shop.

Practical gutter squeezers

Robust and durable design of extruders allows for effective work in all conditions. The offered models are characterized by a strong steel rod that squeezes the mass, as well as a wide lock that pushes the rod. A considerable advantage of gutter squeezers is the ability to quickly mount the container with the sealant on a properly fitted gutter. All offered guns and squeezers come from reputable manufacturers, which guarantees trouble-free use for a long time.

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