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In search of beautiful printed fabrics for sewing products for the little ones, check out the Baby collection. This is a collection of fabrics that will meet the approval of parents and children. Why? Adults will appreciate them for their optimal thickness, clear printing made with ecological technology and the ability to conveniently buy by the meter.

The youngest family members will give an exclamation of delight when their room is inhabited by friends from the forest or parked by colorful cars. Thanks to PES printed fabrics, you can create an interior in many ways, decorating and changing it - now you can easily (and without much expense) keep up with the changing tastes of a toddler or an older child. Make him or her happy by decorating his or her kingdom with beautiful textiles, which will be created from our printed fabrics.

Characteristics of Baby fabrics

Baby collection, due to its purpose, meets strict quality and safety standards. Undeniably, it is formed by the most beautiful cotton fabrics that the little ones will love. As a manufacturer of items for toddlers or a parent, you can rest assured about your choice, because the fabrics in this category:

- have been produced with organic inks,

- have a high grammage, which is 280 gsm,

- are highly resistant to abrasion - 90000 cycles on the Martindale scale,

- are not prone to mottling and pilling,

- are machine washable - easy to keep clean,

- are flame retardant.

As you can see, our products are perfectly in line with modern safety standards, and in terms of quality they guarantee a long and satisfactory service. Due to the fact that they do not fade or rub off, they can look like new for years, delighting with juicy colors and clear prints.

Beautiful designs in our offer

In the offer of our store you will find many inspiring proposals for printed fabrics, which are successfully suitable for the production of children's textiles. You can use them to make decorative curtains, as well as pillowcases, bedspreads, garlands or other decorative elements.

Reach for designs from the Baby collection for girls - pink unicorns among fluffy clouds or sweet deer on a flowery meadow. We also have a number of proposals for boys. These are mainly colorful cars and cities with tracks and streets. If you're a fan of minimalist, timeless solutions then go for subtle patterns in dots, lines or geometric figures. They are timeless, suit everyone regardless of gender and, most importantly, bring harmony to interiors. Enjoy convenient online shopping!

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