FURNITURE LEG KM6067 STYLISHED H120 raw with pin

FURNITURE LEG KM6067 STYLISHED H120 raw with pin

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A stylized wooden leg in the shape of a slanted trapezoid. Made of beech wood, sanded and cleaned, which makes it easy to paint it with a clear varnish, or stain it to any color with stain or varnish. The screw in the upper part of the leg facilitates quick and efficient installation in various types of furniture using a coupler, or a claw nut. Furniture leg KM6067 with a height of 12 cm will perfectly complement upholstered furniture, as well as cabinets, and chests of drawers.

Wooden legs are a range of shapes and heights to be used individually, or as a set. Take a look at the offer and get to know all the furniture legs available in our assortment.

Product Details

120 mm
Dimensions top
62x58 mm
Dimensions Bottom
30x30 mm
Beech wood
Mounting method
Using a coupler, or claw nut

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