FIX GRIP 40 areosol adhesive 600ml KM978

FIX GRIP 40 areosol adhesive 600ml KM978

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FIX GRIP 40 glue

Spray contact adhesive designed for the furniture industry and carpentry work. Excellent for particle board, MDF, HDF, plywood. Joins well with laminates, fabrics, foams, cork, leather, brick, plaster, etc.


The surfaces to be glued should be at room temperature and dry, clean and free of dirt. Spray one surface vertically and the other horizontally at a distance of about 25 cm so as to cover the surface. Wait about 2 minutes when the adhesive is :dry to the touch" is ready to set. Shake before use.

High temperature resistance and water resistance.

The spray tip has a variable vertical or horizontal position.

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